Energy Prices Bill introduced in Parliament

The Energy Prices Bill, introduced in Parliament (12 October), provides the legislative basis needed to support people and businesses across the UK with their energy bills this winter, through the Energy Price Guarantee for domestic consumers and Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses and non-domestic properties.

This includes measures that will enable the UK government to deliver comparable schemes in Northern Ireland and legislation that will require landlords and heat network operators to pass benefits through to tenants.

The Bill will introduce powers to enable the following:

  • Energy Bill Relief Scheme
  • Energy Price Guarantee
  • Alternative Fuel Payment
  • Northern Ireland Energy Bills Support Scheme
  • Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund
  • Heat network support
  • Pass-through requirements on intermediaries
  • Cost-Plus Revenue Limit
  • Contracts for Difference

Further information on the schemes and support above can be found at the links below.


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