Cost of living: reduce your broadband bill

Looking to reduce your broadband bill? You’re in the right place!
Broadband contracts usually run for 12, 18 or 24 months, after which customers are then moved to a rolling monthly contract, usually at a higher rate.

If you haven’t reviewed your contract for a while, it’s likely you could be spending a lot less. Below are key tips on how to spend less on your broadband contract.

Are you eligible for a social tariff?

Special broadband contracts or ‘social tariffs’ are available for people receiving benefits and universal credit to get you online.

These are available through all the major providers. If you think you’re eligible, contact your current provider. Further information can be found on Ofcom.

Can you switch your broadband provider?

If you have completed the minimum term of your contract, you’re free to switch providers. Comparison services such as Broadband Genie and are free to use and allow you to compare all the contracts at your address.

Simply, complete the checkout process and in the majority of cases your new provider will cancel your old contract.

Don’t want to switch? Renew and haggle with your provider

You don’t have to switch providers to reduce your bill. Simply contact your provider and tell them you would like to renew your current deal.

It’s likely you won’t get the same deal as a new customer, but you don’t have to accept their first offer. Use other products on the market as a benchmark, and remember, always be kind and respectful.

How long does this take and will I be left without internet?

Not long, you should be able to bag your savings in your lunch break. Your internet may go down for up to an hour when they switch over the connection but the disruption will be minimal.

It may seem daunting, but with a little research, you can knock hundreds off your annual bill.